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The following are examples of various projects developed by W&C CBT Solutions.

To view an example, simply click on the thumbnail picture to open a new window. (If no window appears, be sure to check the pop-up blocker settings for your browser)

Property Assessment Review Panel CBT (PARP)
PARP CBT ScreenshotA Computer Based Training (CBT) CD developed in Authorware to facilitate the training of individuals who volunteer to serve as members of the British Columbia Property Assessment Review Panels. more...
Royal BC Museum -
Thunderbird Park - A Place of Cultural Sharing
RBCM ScreenshotProduced to showcase the totem poles and artifacts of the Royal BC Museum, Thunderbird Park Cultural Precinct. more...
Employee Development and Learning Plan (EDLP)
EDLP ScreenshotDeveloped with Flash and Active Server Pages as to communicate with an Oracle database backend, EDLP was developed to allow employees to take ownership of their own career more...
Naval Officer Training Centre (NOTC)
NOTC ScreenshotAn example of a simple HTML driven site used to teach general course material to Junior Naval Officers attending the Canadian Navy's Naval Officer Training Centre. more...
Totem Poles of the Nisga'a(Archived)
Nisga'a Poles screen shotDeveloped with the Gingolx Media Centre to highlight many of the totem poles that have existed in the Nass River valley and the carvers that created them. The site provides an overview of Nisga'a culture and tradition as well as interviews with some of the modern day carvers talking about the totem poles they have created.

Nisga'a, Legends of the Nass (Archived)
Legends of the Nass screen shotDeveloped with the Gingolx Media Centre, this site is intended to tell some of the stories that are part of the Nisga'a culture

(Note: This is an archived version of the original site located that was hosted by Canadian Digitial Collections. As such some elements may not be available)